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Managing COVID-19 Through Technology

Video of the event available below. 

QBE Virtual event 

QBE Canada hosted a virtual event on Wednesday 29th July. 

COVID-19 has changed how businesses must operate, with safety no longer being primarily a compliance matter, it’s now a board issue. 

More than ever, every business needs to develop a culture of safety, where every employee takes ownership of safety.  For those organizations contemplating a new technology solution to support their COVID-19 and other risk management efforts, QBE invites you to this webinar, hosted by Safety Culture, featuring their award winning iAuditor app.  Already trusted by over 26,000 organizations around the globe, the iAuditor app can empower all staff to conduct regular, simple checks, while giving management oversight and control over the work being done. 

The event showcased real business success stories and demonstrated the power and flexibility of the iAuditor app, such as its ability to:

  • Create and distribute customized checklists to employees, including real-time updates
  • Capture evidence of work undertaken, or issues identified, by attaching photos and notes
  • Function as a real-time monitoring system, visible to senior management, with an alarm functionality being available
  • Generate analytics to immediately flag missed checks, identify risks, and provide real-time performance scores, completion rates, failure rates, etc
  • Data tracked through the app is exportable to other systems including Tableau and PowerBI,
  • Have problems identified and assigned to a person or team, with a traceable timeline which can then be monitored
  • Provide complete visibility around an organization’s protocols and actions completed, creating an audit trail, with an array of reports available instantly

The iAuditor app has applications well beyond managing COVID-19, including fleet risk management, with current users spanning all industries.  Organizations who use the app have reported reduced incidents, better productivity as well as operational cost savings, with users typically experiencing measurable benefits within 30 days of its introduction.  Best of all, the cost to an organization can be as low as a few thousand dollars a year. 

iAuditor, owned by Safety Culture, is available to all interested organizations. Through QBE’s strategic partnership with Safety Culture, QBE policyholders are eligible for a discount off the standard user licence rates as well as free customization and onboarding support. 

We hope you can join us to discover the power of the iAuditor app for yourself. 

Watch the event here:

If you would like to contact any of the speakers from Safety Culture who participated in this event, their contact details are as follows:

Rupert Jefferies
Head of Insurance

Adam Gillett

Head of Partnership


Additional information about iAuditor app can be found here:

Any questions?

Please email Kimberly Fernandes.