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The construction sector plays a major role in Canada’s economy, employing 1.6m people and generating about $151 billion to the economy annually.

While there are challenges around an ageing workforce and an increasingly tight focus on quality control, revolutionary developments in areas like offsite manufacturing, 3D printing and Building Information Modelling offer unprecedented potential for reducing costs, improving efficiency and shortening assembly times. Firms who can take full advantage of these new technologies can look to the future with confidence.

Why QBE?

QBE has been supporting construction and engineering firms for more than 30 years and we work with many of the leading firms in the sector. Customers look to us for our technical expertise, our understanding of the industry, and our global reach.

We understand that protecting your cash flow and margins is crucial, so if you need to make a claim, our Claims specialists will work closely with you to achieve the best outcome as promptly as possible.

As part of the QBE Group, we have the resources to deliver effective insurance solutions and support wherever your operations take you. Our global network allows us to provide insurance in more than 150 countries, so we are well placed to deliver globally compliant multinational programs.

Finally, under our unique QBE Premiums4Good initiative, you can make a difference by choosing to put up to 100% of your premium into investments with an additional social objective, such as reducing homelessness or the helping the environment. We provide annual updates about the projects we have supported, which you are welcome to use in your own corporate social responsibility reporting.

Relevant products

We offer coverage for loss of or damage to vehicles, as well as costs arising from third-party liability claims.

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Businesses are faced with more complex and diverse risks as they pursue new opportunities and expand into new markets. Our Commercial Package insurance solutions offer broad and comprehensive coverage, protecting and helping to grow resilience both now and in the future.

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With the introduction of the BIM model for bidding on projects, there are now links between many major companies – exposing construction firms to network security risks. QBE’s approach provides you with a team of specialists who can help you manage a breach, minimizing the harm to your business and your reputation.

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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance protects senior employees against claims resulting from actual or alleged wrongdoing.

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Our comprehensive coverage protects organizations against claims brought by customers and other third parties for bodily injury or property damage. QBE has extensive experience in this area and we have earned a reputation for sticking with our clients through good times and bad.

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We can create compliant multinational programs for a wide range of products – including Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability – in more than 150 countries.

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Our Professional Liability coverage protects professionals such as contractors, engineers and surveyors against claims and defence costs arising from any alleged failure in the carrying out of their professional duties.

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Our Property policy offers protection from damage to your organization’s physical assets, as well as any resulting disruption to your business. We have significant international reach and are able to provide coverage for operations around the world.

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We insure organizations against losses arising from war, confiscation, expropriation, political violence and terrorism. Coverage includes compensation for property damage and business interruption.

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With more than 30 years’ experience spanning commercial, residential and civil engineering projects, our expert team can provide flexible, comprehensive liability coverage for owners and contractors undertaking construction projects.

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