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Medical Malpractice

Increasingly complicated medical procedures, more frequent litigation and the ever changing delivery of healthcare mean you need support from insurers who understand your sector inside out.

Our Medical Malpractice policy covers hospitals and clinics, including the medical professionals working within, for claims arising from negligence or a failure to provide appropriate treatment. At this time, QBE cannot provide insurance to individual Medical Practitioners.

Long-term commitment

QBE has offered Medical Malpractice insurance for more than 20 years and has a dedicated healthcare team, which keeps abreast of the latest issues. Our long-term commitment is crucial because healthcare claims can take many years to come to light. We are here to support you over the long term.

A flexible approach

We have a broad appetite and there are very few risks we cannot cover. We take a flexible, innovative approach to program structures and can insure various healthcare-related organizations, including hospitals, clinics, school boards, regional health authorities medical affinity groups and allied healthcare companies.

Combined cover

We can package our Medical Malpractice cover with other useful covers, such as General Liability and Property

Global capabilities

As part of the QBE Group, which has a substantial global network, we can provide cover for operations around the world. For companies with operations in multiple territories, we can write multinational program that provide local policies and claims capabilities, where required.

Proactive claims support

Our local Claims teams in Canada, the UK and Australia take a proactive approach. For example, if you are involved in an incident that might give rise to a claim, we will manage it actively so that you and the potential claimant receive the best advice as soon as possible. If someone brings a fraudulent claim against you, we will robustly defend your position.

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Your Contact

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Kimberly Fernandes

Business Development Manager

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