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As a society, we invest heavily in education and have a well respected education sector. Because of the level of investment, expectations are high and schools must continually find new ways to service their students and demonstrate that money has been wisely spent.

With innovations in technology and new delivery models, such as eLearning, schools can dramatically transform how content is delivered and personalize it to the needs of individual students. However, with new technology and delivery methods come new risks and the need to manage them.

Why choose QBE?

QBE has worked with schools and colleges for the last 10 years. We put you in direct contact with specialist underwriters who can respond quickly and creatively to your individual needs. Our in-depth experience allows us to provide insurance for even the most challenging risks and situations.

In the event of a claim, we will work closely with you to resolve it as promptly as possible and minimize the impact on your operations.

Finally, under our unique QBE Premiums4Good initiative, we offer the opportunity to put up to 100% of your premium into investments with an additional social objective, such as reducing homelessness or helping the environment. We provide annual updates about the projects we have supported, which you are welcome to use in your own corporate social responsibility reporting.