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Fraud can cause significant damage to a company’s cash flow and profitability, as well as its reputation and investor confidence – so we provide protection for a range of evolving fraud risks.

QBE’s Crime insurance – also known as Fidelity insurance – protects organizations against money, stock, securities or property being stolen by employees or third parties. It also protects against the theft of clients’ money or property if you are legally responsible for its protection.

Employee fraud

The need for crime insurance is often underestimated, with many businesses assuming that they have no risk at all. The reality is that most businesses do have an exposure as thefts are frequently carried out by employees. While strong internal controls will help to prevent a theft, insurance is essential to protect the financial assets of your business.

Evolving risks

Companies are also at risk of being defrauded by outside agents. Organizations and individuals perpetrating frauds are constantly developing new, often ingenious, methods to target organizations, such as ‘social engineering’, where they pretend to be clients or senior members of staff. Our team keeps abreast of the latest scams and shares updates with clients, as well as working with you to help reduce your vulnerability to these risks.

A flexible approach

At QBE, we are known for our ability to solve problems and our willingness to consider unusual risks. We’re able to be very flexible in terms of the cover we provide, and we also take a flexible approach to gathering the information we need for the underwriting process. Cover can be purchased independently or as an extension to our Property policy.

Skilled claims support

Our Claims team is used to seeing every type of fraud and claim around the world. If you experience a loss, they will take prompt action to resolve your claim and help you get back to running your business. If a fraud is ongoing, we can provide a consultant to investigate and help to prevent further losses.