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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

With regulators and stakeholders increasingly inclined to hold individuals to account when things don’t go to plan, having comprehensive Directors’ and Officers’ cover in place is more important than ever.


Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability insurance covers directors and officers for financial losses arising from actual or alleged wrongful acts. Capacity of up to $25m is available.

Increasing regulatory enforcement

While the liability of a company is limited, a director's liability is unlimited, meaning their personal assets are at stake when problems arise. With an increasing trend for regulators and stakeholders to hold directors and officers personally responsible for business failures, D&O insurance has become crucial for attracting and retaining key people.

Modified to your requirements

Our underwriters are very experienced and have full authority to make decisions, so they can work closely with your broker to put together customized coverage that works for your company’s specific circumstances, quickly and effectively.

Understanding your organization

Forming strong relationships is important to us and we always make time to meet our customers to discuss key risk areas. We feel it is only by getting to know your company from the inside that we can gain a full appreciation of the risk factors involved, as well as gathering the information we need for the underwriting process.

Expert claims support

D&O claims can come from a wide range of sources. Our Claims team is used to dealing with a very wide range of claims and takes a pragmatic, flexible approach to resolving them promptly and effectively.

Our D&O policy provides protection for all of a company’s directors and officers. Cover can include:

• Financial losses arising from actual or alleged wrongful acts
• Defence costs and expenses
• Investigation costs
• Extradition costs
• Separate limits of indemnity for non-executive directors
• Share offerings made during the policy period
• Automatic cover for companies acquired during the policy period
• Spouses of directors and officers
• Run-off cover available in the event of a takeover or insolvency
• Company securities claims

We are currently looking to offer D&O insurance to:

• Canadian-headquartered corporations listed on the TSX or on multiple stock exchanges. Only excess coverage is available where a corporation is traded on the NYSE.
• Private equity companies: we offer a tailored policy combining D&O and E&O protection.
• Investment trusts and hedge funds: we offer a special D&O policy that separately protects both the managers and directors involved.
• Capital raising events: where a private corporation is looking to go public or raise capital in a secondary offering, we can offer a specialized insurance solution called Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI).



Your Contact

Your Contact

Lisa King

Lisa King

Underwriting Manager

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