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Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

To protect your organization against liabilities arising from manufacturing and research and development of pharmaceutical and medical devices, you need an insurance partner with a sophisticated understanding of the complex field in which you operate.

We protect companies in the life science and clinical research sector against the cost of claims for damage or injuries caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices or clinical trials. Capacity of up to US$75m is available.

Support across the spectrum

QBE is one of the largest insurers of health and life science organizations today. Our expert team are recognized leaders in this area and can offer a wide range of covers, including Product Liability, Public Liability and Clinical Trials. We work with customers in fields including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, alternative medicine, and veterinary medicine.

Flexible on structure

We’re not just here for straightforward exposures; at QBE, we have the flexibility, appetite and entrepreneurial spirit to help you with the full range of challenges and opportunities you face. That means we’re open to taking a non-conventional approach when it comes to program structure. For example, we’re happy to write primary or excess risks, insurance or reinsurance, and to take a flexible view on coverage and sub-limits. Policyholders also have the option to extend coverage to include General Liability and Pollution Liability.

Worldwide capabilities

We benefit from the financial strength and service capabilities of the wider QBE Group, which provides cover in more than 180 countries. If you have multiple operations abroad, we can write multinational programs that provide comprehensive protection, as well as complying with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Your Contact

Your Contact

Kimberly Fernandes

Kimberly Fernandes

Business Development Manager

+1 416-682-5944