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The QBE Foundation

The QBE Foundation was set up in 2011 to support charities around the world and to date we have donated more than £10m to good causes.


Through our efforts with like-minded charities we seek to build strong, sustainable, and inclusive communities that have a positive impact for people, our customers, and broker partners.

We support charities in a variety of ways, from matching employee fundraising efforts, encouraging employee volunteering and providing grants to charities that align with Climate Resilience and Inclusion.

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In Canada, our chosen charity is Youth Without Shelter, which provides shelter and support programs for homeless people aged 16-24. In 2021, the QBE Foundation provided funding towards the YWS Stay in School program. The program was designed in order to directly address barriers experienced by homeless youths, and eliminate them, so that they have the resources and support systems in place that are needed in order for them to successfully complete their education.


The program provides long-term, transitional accommodation so that youth have a stable and consistent place to live while they complete school. This stability is key; youth have their own study space, bedroom, desk, and know that they have a roof over their heads and healthy, regular meals that they can always rely on.


Youth in the SIS program receive financial support for supplies such as specialized equipment, textbooks, paper and pens and laptop, when they need it for their studies. All youth receive new clothing and shoes when needed, personal hygiene products, and all youth are provided with transit passes for traveling to and from school/college and any other important travel such as to part-time jobs or doctors’ appointments. In addition, all youths in the program receive individualized and specialist support from qualified staff including case managers and mental health specialists.

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Your Contact

Sophie Wraith-Lee

Sophie Wraith-Lee

QBE EO Foundation Adviser

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