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QBE Virtual Event: The Future with Electric Cars

QBE recently hosted an event on 'The Future with Electric Vehicles'.

To view the recording of this event, please click here. 

Over the next five years, the manufacturing of electric vehicles by all manufacturers will rapidly accelerate, as will the advancement of autonomous features within.

With electric vehicles projected to hit price parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2025, coupled with investments to create EV charging networks, there can be no doubt that electric vehicles are the way of the future.

While internal combustion engines vehicles will continue to be available in Canada for the foreseeable future, some countries, including Britain, have already banned the production of new ICE cars by 2030.

With electric vehicles creating new and sometime unanticipated risks for those who own them, listen to QBE’s fleet risk management and claims leaders as they share their experiences and insights.

What’s on offer and what’s coming soon – While the term ‘electric car’ makes these new vehicles seem homogeneous, the variations between makes, models and engine types are drastic, as are the costs and performance you can expect. We’ll give a quick run-down of the key differences which exist today and what all buyers of electric vehicles should be aware.

New Features = New Risks – What are the claims repercussions? While electric vehicles will continue to need drivers behind the wheel (for now), new technologies combined with a battery engine will materially change how these vehicles can be repaired, the length of time a repair takes, and ultimately the cost to get a damaged electric vehicle back into use (all of which impacts your total claims costs).

Training Considerations and Overall Risk Management – The way an electric vehicle is driven has implications for both the longevity of the battery as well as the safety of the driver and those around them. The event will share some key aspects which should be covered off as part of any driver training effort and provide general advice for how to best introduce electric vehicles to your fleet (so you get buy in from your drivers).

Speakers presenting at this event included:
James Billings – Practice Leader for QBE’s Fleet Risk Solutions
Bob Prill - Senior Claims Engineer, QBE Fleet Claims
Matthew Porter - Head Of Technical & Business Performance, QBE Fleet UK, EO (including Canada)