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Find Your Passion & Take Action

QBE Virtual Event 

A GameChanger’s Guide to Living your Best in 2023 

Thursday 12th January 2023 

11am EDT/9am MDT/8am PDT

Find Your Passion & Take Action

A GameChanger’s Guide to Living your Best in 2023 

"Life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it's about doing, being and becoming."  Mike Dooley

With the new year comes a great opportunity to make a fresh start, while bringing into focus what you want to achieve.  To bring both inspiration and proven strategies to help you achieve your goals, QBE is delighted to start the new year with a very special speaker, Orlando Bowen.

CFL fans may remember Orlando as a linebacker who first played with the Toronto Argonauts back in 2000 and went on to play for the Hamilton Tigercats. In 2004, while waiting for his friends in a parking lot, Orlando was approached by two individuals who went onto physically beat him, causing him serious injuries, including to his head.  The severity of injuries were such that it tragically ended in his football career.

While facing death, Orlando found himself thinking, ‘I didn’t give everything I had to make a difference’.  Orlando’s most challenging moment has been a catalyst to bringing perspective and urgency to his community service work. He’s since committed his life to helping people take action, find their passion and to use their gifts.

At this event, Orlando will share ideas and strategies to support your:

Goal setting – As a professional athlete, Orlando appreciated that peak performance can only be achieved by aligning your vision with energy to achieve and focus.  No matter your goals for 2023, Orlando will share tips that will help you set and stick to your goals so that you will go on to achieve them.   

Personal Resilience – Orlando is living proof that unexpected challenges can actually be some of life’s greatest gifts. While we will all face challenges, Orlando will share how we can take the energy from those challenges and channel them in a way that positively affects your environment and your possibilities.

Team building - Orlando’s experiences on the field taught him the importance of working passionately together as a team to pursue shared objectives. He’ll share how you can create a foundation for a high performing team, one which can withstand turbulent times, embrace change and celebrate team contributions.

We are optimistic for what the new year will bring and we hope you can join us for inspiration and ideas that will help you make the most of yours.

This event is open to all of QBE’s brokers and their clients so please do pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Register for our virtual event here.