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From burn out to on fire

QBE Virtual Event

September 15 2021

11am EST/9am MST/8am PST

Taking back control of your work and your life

If ‘surviving is thriving’ is a truth in your life right now, you wouldn’t be alone.  It’s been a long road for many of us and yet the pressures of work will undoubtedly increase in the months ahead.

While we can’t erase the pressures, we’re here to offer you support in the way of professional energy, performance and leadership expert Linda Edgecombe.  Author of six books and once ranked one of the Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the World, Linda has been hailed by the Wall Street Journal as an expert in helping people shift their perspectives on their work and home life.

Through her humorous stories, relevant research and honest questions, Linda will lead you through a highly energizing ride as she reveals how chaos and “busy” has become the new norm and has wound us into the most unproductive and unhappy demographic in the past 30 years. 

You’ll walk away from this event with:

Clarity – Understand how we sabotage our success with every type of clutter.  Become more accountable and get down to what you really want;
Energy – Discover five keys ways to increase your energy levels - for yourself, your family and your co-workers;
Perspective - Learn strategies to embrace a “Just Do It Plan” vs. a “Perfection Plan”;
Balance – Hear ideas and steps that will move you towards a more balanced, energized work and home life.

Linda’s mission is to motivate and prepare individuals to take on anything that comes their way.  Whether you’re seeking new ideas or simply trying to get through another day, you’ll leave this event with simple, practical tips and tools to help you control of your workday and take back your life.

This event is open to all of QBE’s brokers and their clients. If you would like to attend please register here.