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Embracing Uncertainty - The Path to Agility

Featuring Dr Dave Williams

11am EST/9am MST/8am PST

It was Benjamin Franklin who famously said “Nothing is certain except death and taxes,”  With unpredictability and uncertainty being an ever present factor, how can our approach to managing risk truly embrace this universal truth?    

To inspire your thinking, QBE is delighted to bring you a speaker with a fresh perspective on risk management.  At this event, you’ll meet Dr. Dave Williams, an emergency room physician, former hospital CEO, aquanaut, astronaut, best selling author – and the only non-American to hold a directorship at NASA.  

From his experiences in space, underwater and in hospital emergency rooms, Dave knows that uncontrolled risks can have significant consequences.   During his career, he has helped many large organizations learn how to thrive in high-stakes environments.

During this event, Dave will share stories which will highlight:

  • How organizations and we as people can become more resilient
  • Successful strategies to manage and control risks, including those we can’t predict
  • Ways to embrace an unknown future, including through innovation

It is Dave’s belief that the best way to predict the future is to shape it though knowledge and embrace it with agility.  We hope you can join us to draw inspiration and take away valuable lessons from this true Canadian hero.

This event is open to all of QBE’s brokers and their clients so please do pass this invitation onto those who may be interested. Register here