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Organizations that lend against the security of commercial property need to protect themselves against the risk of that security being eroded.

Our Mortgage Impairment (MI) insurance offers lenders effective protection against financial loss when commercial properties are damaged by a covered cause of loss on the MI policy, but the mortgagor’s primary property insurance proves absent or defective and the borrower consequently defaults on the loan.

The cover you need

Our team is able to accommodate a wide range of Mortgage Impairment insurance needs. We have a broad appetite for commercial risks, on a primary or excess basis, and offer capacity of up to $50m.

Rapid decision-making

We understand that lenders often need a quick response from Mortgage Impairment insurance providers. Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions and have the experience and expertise to process applications quickly and efficiently.

Financial security

All policies in Canada are written on Lloyd’s paper, offering excellent financial security (Lloyd’s is rated A by A.M. Best).

Repossessed properties

Our cover includes protection for your interests following a foreclosure. When property ownership reverts to the lender, our Mortgage Impairment policy automatically becomes the primary property insurance on that property.

Errors and omissions

Our policy also protects you against the financial impact of any mistakes in the administration of mortgages within your portfolio – for example, failure to verify that adequate insurance protection is in place. Where this occurs, our policy will still respond.