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Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry, combined with flexible underwriting and significant capacity, allows us to put together cover designed specifically for you.

We offer insurance protection for construction and renovation work, with capacity of up to $100m available.

Extensive experience

QBE has more than 30 years’ experience of insuring construction risks, including for commercial, residential and civil engineering projects. We have extensive knowledge across a broad range of sectors and industries, including mining, power and utilities, and oil and gas.

Tailored solutions

Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions and provide customers with prompt, pragmatic support. We can craft solutions to meet specific needs, including delay in start-up, boiler and machinery, testing and commissioning, and DE5/LEG3 coverage.

Complementary covers

In addition to insuring construction projects, we can provide:

  • Contractors’ equipment insurance up to a maximum limit of $70m.
  • Environmental Impairment Liability is available on an annual basis to cover all projects undertaken by a contractor or can be purchased for a specific project, including on an ‘owner-controlled’ basis, whereby all interested parties are named.
  • Professional Liability insurance specifically for contractors, engineers and/or architects.
  • General Liability and Wrap-up (Construction) Liability for contractors and building owners.

Prompt claims settlements

We’re keenly aware of the detrimental effect that slow claims settlements can have on construction projects, so we make every effort to settle claims as quickly and fairly as possible. We can also work with policyholders to develop a tailored claims service plan.